Our Activities


High-rise building

Building structures in this field implies multidisciplinary approach of experts from several different fields of work such as arhchitecture, construction, geology, seismics, energetics, hydraulic engineering, mechanical installations, thermotechnics, ecology, energy efficiency etc.

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Kamenolom Drkuljica

Production plants

Quarry „Drakuljica“ has been operating within the company since 2004. In the course of previous five years we have modernized the equipment and the plants through significant investments. We have developed a successful company and the quality of our work is recongnised in the products.

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Civil engineering

Civil engineering is a domain of construction industry that involves construction of buildings on the ground. These include roads, streets, railways, tunnels, bridges, water supply and sewage systems as well as other utility infrastructure, hydro-technical regulations and meliorations.

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Hidraulic engineering

As far as hydrotechnics and hydraulic engineering are concerned, we have gained considerable experience. We complete all the works of construction and maintenance of water supply, sewage and water management facilities, making sure that all standards are well maintened.

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