Production plants

Quarry „Drakuljica“ has been operating within the company since 2004. In the course of previous five years we have modernized the equipment and the plants through significant investments. We have developed a successful company and the quality of our work is recongnised in the products.

Stone aggregate, concrete and building blocks are produced in the plants of quarry „Drakuljica“. The stone aggregate is the one of high quality since it is obtained from the limestone in which the precentage of calcuim carbonate (CaCO3) is even 98%. Concrete is made of high quality stone aggregate and it is supplied to customers by means of the most modern trucks – concrete mixers. The concrete is laid by using modern technologies and the concrete pump that reaches a height of 36 m. Each delivery of concrete is subject to strict quality control in the Institute for Construction (IG Trebinje) which is a confirmation of undeniable quality.

A new production line with the most modern equipment for the production of vibropressed concrete was opened in 2017. In the new plant we produce high quality concrete blocks, concrete products, curbs. The product which has been in the market since last year and which has an important position in the range of our products is „stone dust“ (filler).

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Concrete plant and Quarry "Drakuljica"